A callous is a build up of dead skin that can become very hard and is often cause by prolonger pressure to the area. It has no nucleus or root, but can cause pain.

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Recommended Carnation Footcare Products:

Carnation Hard Skin Remover Pen CAR391Z

Carnation Footcare Hard Skin Removal Pen

  • Softens small patches of tough, hard skin on the feet, such as corns.
  • The streamlined head of the pen allows for direct application to the area to be treated.
  • Easy to use pen.
  • With proven glycolic acid.
Carnation Corn and Callous File CAR931Z

Carnation Footcare Corn and Callous File

  • Removes hard skin with just a few strokes.
  • Ergonomically designed with a contoured handle for ease of use.
  • Washable for repeated use.
Carnation Chiropody Felt Adhesive CAR471Z

Carnation Footcare Chiropody Felt

  • 5mm medical grade, self-adhesive felt, as used by Chiropodists.
  • Helps relieve and redistribute pressure.
  • Easily cut to shape.
Carnation Toe Support CAR716Z

Carnation Footcare Toe Support

  • Straightens and supports toes.
  • Relieves pressure on toes that are curled or clawed raising and helping to realign them.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Flexible gel toe loop stretches to fit all sizes.
Carnation Toe Protector CAR110Z

Carnation Footcare Toe Protector

  • Fully lined with an advanced polymer gel which provides protection, absorbs shock and reduces friction all round the toe including the tip.
  • Slim design fits comfortably inside any shoe.
  • Elasticated fabric outer keeps the protector in position and stretches to fit all sizes.

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